Together we will take care of every detail for your perfect, unforgettable day.


Extraordinary doesn’t just happen, it’s planned. The dream wedding in your head, what the wedding venue looks like that you can see yourself getting married and starting your life together, what colours surround you, the activities and how people interact. We will plan everything to make sure it comes together flawlessly. To make a wedding perfect, I will help you to ensure every little part is taken care of and that all your ideas become a reality. Put yourself in the hands of an expert who will help you find your own unique way and style. It is not important whether your wedding will be big or small, traditional or unconventional. I will make sure it will be a perfect expression of the two of you. Each year we can only accept a limited number of wedding contracts. We devote all our efforts to the wedding at hand and see to it that everything in every detail is perfect for you.


It is important that we get to know each other, as we will be working very closely together. Let's start by having a cup of coffee together; you can tell me what your dream wedding looks like and I can start putting together a plan. We can look at the locations you imagine yourself getting married in, explore the grounds, and get a real feel for the places.


We will make a presentation for you to visualize how it will look and feel to be at your wedding. We will put together color palette ideas and features which we will walk you through to be certain that this is all uniquely you. Every detail will be included, so you can make sure that all the important things are there for you to make your wedding perfect.


We will plan a detailed, itemized wedding budget to provide you with full control. Then we will work strictly within your budget as part of our preparations, and select individual suppliers who can provide us with the best services under these considerations. I know we can always find the right solution together.


We have a list of the best suppliers, who have proven themselves time and time again over our years of working with them. Each of them would love to be part of your wedding; together we have a strong team capable of preparing something great and of the quality you deserve. Experience and the right choice is key to the outcome. We prepare the orders for you and can arrange everything, taking the stress away from you, you only have to look forward to the results.


Style and details are gradually developed during the preparation. Ideas and beauty will come gradually, and it is a process of art which cannot be rushed. I take notice of every detail great and small, and I have a love for every style; so do not be afraid to tell what you wish.


I will prepare a schedule and itinerary, so you know exactly where everyone is expected to be and what role they need to do. Together, we will go through the day, so that you know exactly what to expect and when so you only have to think about the start of the rest of your life together.


We will be there with you through your extraordinary day, every step of the way to oversee every detail of the final arrangements and to make sure everyone at your wedding has an unforgettable time.